Full List of NOVA Government Clients

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
R01 Grant: An Investigation of an HIV Risk Reduction Intervention Targeting a Special Population of Drug Users

IRPG R01 Grant: To Investigate Strategies to Reduce HIV Sexual Risk Practices of Drug Users

R03 Grant: Condom Use Among Drug Users Receiving Antiretroviral Therapies

R03 Grant: Secondary Data Analysis of WHEEL Database: Survey Research on Drug Use and Associated Behaviors

National Data Coordination Center for NIDA's Cooperative Agreement (CA) for AIDS Community-Based Outreach/Intervention Research Program (2 awards)

National Data Coordination and Evaluation Center for NIDA's National AIDS Demonstration Research (NADR) Program (2 awards)

AIDS Outreach and Prevention to Female Sexual Partners of Injection Drug Users

Waiting List Community Intervention-A Four-City Study to Develop and Test "Interim Care" Interventions

Research Subject Recruitment, Intake, Evaluation, Discharge, and Followup Services for NIDA's Addiction Research Center (2 awards)

Women Helping to Empower and Enhance Lives (WHEEL)-A Five-City Women's Health Research Study Pilot Testing the AIDS Prevention Model

Technology Transfer of NADR Program Intervention Models to State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Agencies and Community-Based Programs

Handbook for Conducting Drug Abuse Research With Hispanic Populations (Phase I and II SBIRs)

Handbook for Drug Use Prevention Activities for Children and Adolescents (Phase I and II SBIRs)

Software Development for Ethnographic Research in Drug Abuse: AFTER-A Framework of Tools for Ethnographic Research (Phase I and II SBIRs)

Development of Audio-CASI Software and Evaluation of New Survey Technology

Development of Interactive, User-Friendly Survey Research Software: the Questionnaire Development System (QDS) (Phase I and II SBIRs)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Computer Information Systems Support Services (subcontractor to TRW)

Evaluation of the Impact of HIV Counseling and Testing for Methadone Clients in Drug Treatment Centers

Data Management of a Multicenter Randomized Trial for the Prevention of STD/HIV Infection (Project RESPECT and RESPECT-2)

CDC /Emory University Evaluation of Group Counseling for HIV-Positive Injection Drug Users

Development of a Plan for Gathering, Analyzing, and Managing Data and Data Systems for Perinatal AIDS Prevention Projects

National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Consolidated Support Services Contract

Lung and Prostate Cancer Case-Control Epidemiology Research Study

Support Services for the Office of the Director

Support Services for the Division of Extramural Activities and Grants Administration Branch

Support Services for the Developmental Therapeutics Program, Division of Cancer Treatment (3 awards)

Office of Policy Analysis and Response (OPAR)

U.S. Department of Labor: Job Corps Training Resource Center (JCTRC)

U.S. General Services Administration: Public Buildings Service: Conference and Meeting Support

Environmental Protection Agency: Public Education and Risk Communication at an EPA Superfund Site: A Case Study in Toms River, New Jersey

National Center for Research Resources: Educational Video About Gene Technology (Phase I SBIR)

National Institute on Aging: Strategy Plan for NIH Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center

Office of Minority Health: Assessment of Office of Minority Health Coalition Grants

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Strategy Plan to Identify Essential Elements for a National Plan for Prevention of Disabilities

Community Team Training Institute (CTTI): Training and Technical Assistance

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration); CSAP (Center for Substance Abuse Prevention); and CSAT (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment): Strategic Planning and Development Efforts; State Demand and Needs Assessment Studies-Alcohol and Other Drugs

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