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Senior Evaluation Consultant

Job Description:

NOVA Research Company, a leader in health program support services, requires a Senior Evaluation Consultant for a 1-year project evaluating a career development training/mentorship program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In this role, the Evaluator will provide expertise to conduct a thorough program evaluation including planning, design, implementation, and reporting of findings and recommendations for improvement—both written and presentation. The career development program's planning, participant selection, training, mentorship, and other activities will be evaluated utilizing a set of rigorous assessment tools, which will allow for dissemination of evaluation findings to stakeholders and other interested audiences.


  • Develop a final evaluation plan and evaluation logic model
  • Conduct evaluation activities, including development of effective qualitative and quantitative data collection, monitoring, analysis, and ongoing reporting systems
  • Conduct data collection and data management, and reporting to the client organization, specifically to ensure fidelity to the program model
  • Identify evidence gaps and means through which gaps can be filled
  • Analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data and quickly synthesize and summarize information for client interim reports; work with stakeholders to develop practical recommendations
  • Synthesize information and clearly and effectively communicate findings; develop action plans and systems to track implementation of evaluation findings and recommendations
  • Propose and pilot adaptations to the program as requested by leadership stakeholders
  • Supervise and provide guidance to assigned research analyst and/or research assistant.


  • Doctorate with specialization in an appropriate field of health-related analytical or social science, and health science career development/training program evaluation experience
  • Experience working with NIH clients
  • Experience working with underserved/minority populations a plus
  • Ability to understand the context of a program and how it affects program planning, implementation, outcomes, and evaluation
  • Experience with evaluations using mixed-method approaches
  • Friendly communication skills with ability to present clear results to non-technical audiences
  • Skill in developing and articulating evaluation-focused program goals and objectives and ability to use objectives to generate, revise, and prioritize evaluation questions
  • Ability to develop criteria and standards indicative of program success that are reflective of values held by key evaluation stakeholders and to facilitate use of findings
  • Ability to translate evaluation findings into public health action.

Preferred Skills:

  • Minimum of 10 years' experience in program evaluation planning, design, implementation, reporting of findings and recommendations, and presentation of results to program leadership
  • Demonstrated expertise in program evaluation for NIH clients
  • Significant survey design and qualitative interview/focus group experience
  • Advanced quantitative and qualitative analytic skills
  • Excellent writing and oral presentation skills.

Please submit cover letter and resume to . NOVA Research Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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