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NOVA QDS™ Newsletter
February 2005

NOVA Launches QDS™ 2.4 With HAPI™ for Pocket PC!
Bethesda, Maryland—February 3, 2005—NOVA Research Company today announced the release of its newest version of internationally acclaimed Questionnaire Development System—QDS™ Software, Version 2.4. NOVA's latest version of QDS™ features several enhancements, most notably the inclusion of HAPI™ (Handheld- Assisted Personal Interview) for use with Pocket PC personal digital assistant devices. After extensive field-testing with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other users, Version 2.4 features improved data collection capabilities and allows easier access to new environments (with a Pocket PC) previously inaccessible to researchers who normally use laptops or desktop computers. HAPI™ is fully compatible with older versions of QDS. Questionnaires created in previous versions can be easily converted in the Design Studio to HAPI™ applications with no loss of information. (Click here for 2.4 purchase and upgrade information.)
QDS™ Version 2.4 includes:

Enhanced data security

QDS™ now supports the ability to encrypt response data and password-protect questionnaires so that unauthorized users are unable to view, export, or modify collected data.

Customized reports

Users can now generate customized reports at the end of an interview. Within a report, the designer can specify document headers and footers, free text, fonts, and substitution tokens that reference responses, question text, probes, or interviewer comments.

Enhanced edit elements

Edit elements have been enhanced in two ways. First, reconciliation can now be performed without displaying a message to the user. Second, a new reconciliation option supports the launching of a second questionnaire where the identifier variables from the original survey are automatically copied to the second.

HAPI™: New Module for Pocket PC

A new Handheld-Assisted Personal Interview (HAPI™) module is available for conducting interviews on a Pocket PC device. The HAPI™ program includes all features available in CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) and is fully integrated into the QDS™ system.

Improved program startup

The launching of the CAPI and ACASI (Audio Computer Administered Self Interview) programs by double-clicking on a control file has been modified to bypass the display of the QDS™ splash screen and file open dialog box. Users will automatically see the first screen of their questionnaire.

Comments from Beta testers of Version 2.4

Phil Batterham of UCLA in Los Angeles commented, "some of the new features, especially reports and interview transitions will be quite useful."

Margaret Schedel of the University of Cincinnati said, "the upgrade works seamlessly with my knowledge base from the previous version of QDS."

Laia Becares from Northeastern University in Boston said, "[I] have been very satisfied with QDS™ in the past, and will gladly use [this] new version in future projects."

About NOVA Research Company
With headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, NOVA Research Company has provided professional consulting, technical, and support services to health research, health education, and health communications programs in government and private industry in 5 key areas since 1986:
  • Research and Research Support Services
  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Health Information Technology
  • Health and Scientific Communications
  • Meetings, Conferences, and Exhibits
In tandem with its satellite offices in Hyattsville, Md., Atlanta, Ga., and Baltimore, Md., NOVA performs a broad range of statistical, clinical research, logistical, and other creative services for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), National Cancer Institute (NCI), and other agencies in the government and private industry.

NOVA's Questionnaire Development System-(QDS™) software allows researchers to rapidly develop data collection instruments (questionnaires/surveys/clinical trial forms) without the need to hire computer programmers at high hourly rates. QDS™ is affordable, easy-to-learn, and fully compatible with all versions of Windows. It automatically creates paper questionnaires, codebooks and change histories and exports to SAS, SPSS, MS Access, and ASCII for statistical analysis.

For further details about QDS™ 2.4 enhancements, click here. Visit NOVA's Website ( to download a free trial version of QDS. NOVA provides QDS™ customers with ongoing technical support via email at no additional cost. Please contact Steve Kohn at 301-986-1891, ext. 103, or email for additional information about obtaining QDS™ Version 2.4.

The QDS™ Newsletter is published electronically by:
NOVA Research Company
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Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 986-1891, Sales x103
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Managing Editor: Sheila Pederson
Contributors: Carmita Signes, Steve Kohn, Susan Scheck

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