National AIDS Demonstration Research Project (NADR)

The NADR Program was designed to evaluate the efficacy of research-based interventions to reduce or eliminate risky behaviors for HIV transmission—including needle sharing, polydrug abuse, and unsafe sexual practices. The NADR Program involved 29 grantees and 12 contracts. In collaboration with NIDA staff and the grantees, NOVA participated in all aspects of program planning and implementation including developing core components of the intervention models and protocols, preparing program implementation plans, preparing generic IRB-review packages, preparing OMB Clearance packages for questionnaires, designing and developing data collection and client-tracking systems, preparing interviewer and data manager training manuals and conducting trainings, designing, implementing, and maintaining NIDA's central data coordination and analysis center, providing NIDA with aggregated monthly reports on client accruals, and conducting a broad spectrum of data and statistical analyses. At the conclusion of the Program, NOVA collaborated with selected grantees with the most effective interventions to design and implement a nationwide technology transfer program to disseminate Program findings to community-based organizations engaged in HIV/AIDS prevention.

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