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What's New?

QDS v2.4 with HAPI™ for the Pocket PC, Featuring:

Enhanced data security
QDS™ now supports the ability to encrypt response data and password-protect questionnaires so that unauthorized users are unable to view, export, or modify collected data. Data encryption is available in two modes:
  • Default mode—Data are automatically encrypted during interview administration and unencrypted when viewed in the Warehouse Manager.

  • Read password mode—The encryption scheme is based on a password supplied by the questionnaire designer. Using this mode, only users with the correct password can view and export data in the Warehouse Manager.

In addition, Version 2.4 also supports an optional modify password feature, which prevents unauthorized modification of data in the Warehouse Manager.

Customized reports
Users can now generate customized reports by inserting Report elements into their questionnaire. Report elements allow questionnaire designers to specify document headers and footers, free text, fonts, and substitution tokens to reference specific variables. In addition, Report elements support new types of substitution tokens that retrieve question text, question probes, and interviewer comments from the current interview. This feature is not available for Data Entry.

Enhanced edit elements
Edit elements have been enhanced in two ways. First, reconciliation can now be performed without displaying a message to the user. Second, a new reconciliation option supports the launching of a second questionnaire. When the edit expression is TRUE, QDS™ will terminate the first questionnaire and start the second. Any identifier variables from the first are automatically copied to the second. In addition, the questionnaire designer can designate a non-identifier variable to be copied to the second questionnaire.

HAPI™: New Module for Pocket PC
A new Handheld-Assisted Personal Interview (HAPI™) module is available for conducting interviews on a Pocket PC device. The HAPI™ program includes all features available in CAPI and is fully integrated into the QDS™ system. Using Microsoft ActiveSync, QDS™ users can install the HAPI™ program on their Pocket PCs and move HAPI™ control and data files back and forth between the desktop and handheld devices.

Improved program startup
The launching of the CAPI and ACASI programs by double-clicking on a control file has been modified to bypass the display of the QDS™ splash screen and file open dialog box. Users will automatically see the first screen of their questionnaire. However, launching these modules from the start menu will operate as it has in previous versions. In addition, at the conclusion of an interview, when the user indicates that he wishes to continue with another interview, the program will automatically jump to the first screen of the questionnaire.

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