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What's New in QDS™ Version 2.5?

Summary of Enhancements in QDS™ Version 2.5:
QDS™ Version 2.5 incorporates enhancements to the Screen layout and appearance, Audio Functionality, Interview Logic, Reports, and Data Management.

Screen layout and appearance
  • The questionnaire designer can customize the text displayed on the title bar of a probe dialog box.
  • Pictures can now be displayed on information screens and question screens in HAPI, CAPI, and A-CASI. Graphic formats supported are: .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, .ICO (icon), .EMF (enhanced metafile), and .PNG (portable network graphics).
  • HAPI supports a new option that allows interviewers to toggle the layout of Date and Time screens during the course of an interview. The Date/Time screen can either contain a single input field or multiple input fields, where each field accepts a single sub-component of the date or time information.
  • HAPI also supports a new option that allows interviewers to modify the layout of the screen to accommodate landscape orientation or a square screen.
  • CAPI and A-CASI now display a vertical scroll bar in the question area when the text is too large to fit within the field.
Audio Improvements
  • ACASI has been enhanced to include the latest version of DECtalk, version 5.0.
  • In addition, ACASI can now automatically load the appropriate DECtalk dictionary based on information in the control file, so the user no longer needs to launch a unique module for each language version of their survey.
  • In the Design Studio, the Build ACASI function now allows the user to select a default speaker for the DECtalk text-to-speech engine.
  • The Build ACASI function also supports the inclusion of audio files associated with Pick-one, Check-each, Yes/No, and Gender items in the audio script file.
  • The Build ACASI function also supports a new build option to suppress the prompt to view the audio script file.
Interview Logic
  • A new numeric function, Random, returns a random number within a specified range.
  • Edit elements support the ability to loop-back to the last data element displayed. This allows the interviewer or subject to return to a location that may vary during the course of an interview.
  • Edit elements support the ability to launch an external application during the course of an interview, such as a web page or word document.
  • HAPI and CAPI support an “auto-probe” feature, where probes are displayed automatically at the first visit to a question. The interviewer can toggle this feature on/off during the course of an interview.
  • Summary reports generated at the end of an automated interview now include interviewer comments.
  • The Warehouse Manager Interview Details property sheet now supports a Print function.
  • A new function in the Warehouse Manager outputs a single interview as an .RTF document.
Data Management
  • The Design Studio allows the designer to designate that an automatic variable should be ignored during export from the Warehouse.
  • Warehouse Manager supports a new feature that allows the data manager to manually exclude specific variables from export. In addition, the data manager can save manual settings and re-use them for subsequent export operations.
  • The Warehouse Manager data corrections log is now an integral part of a data warehouse file and has been enhanced to include several additional fields for each correction: date/time stamp, name of the data manager, reason for the change, original data, revised data, and any additional comments the data manager wants to add to the log. The log now also includes an entry for every delete and undelete. It also contains entries for modifications made prior to the time the interview was added to the warehouse. So, if revisions were made in another warehouse and then the revised interviews were transferred to the local warehouse via a shipment file, the main warehouse contains a record of all changes.
  • The Warehouse Manager can now export interviews to a comma-delimited ASCII text file.

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