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What's New in QDS™ Version 2.6?

Summary of Enhancements in QDS™ Version 2.6:

Enhanced Language Support: The entire system has been enhanced to support non-Latin alphabets, such as Russian, Chinese, or Thai.

Greater Control over Fonts: The Design Studio supports new options for selecting a specific font for text input in the Design Studio or for display of text in an automated interview. For example, the user can now specify a font for question text and another font for response buttons when building an automated interview.

Formatting of Dates Based on Language: Functions SHORTDATE() and LONGDATE() will now return dates in the proper format for the current language. For example, if running a survey in Chinese, QDS will display the text returned by SHORTDATE() as year-month-day instead of month-day-year.

Automatic Save Feature: A new build option has been added to the CAPI and ACASI application build functions that causes the interview modules to automatically save each interview as it’s completed rather than prompting the user to save the data.

Limitations: This version of QDS will support any language supported by the operating system with the following limitations:

  • This release will not support Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, or Urdu. We plan to add this capability in the future.
  • HAPI does not support complex scripts such as Thai or Hindi. HAPI surveys can only be run using Latin, Eastern European, Asian, Baltic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Turkish alphabets.
  • Font support in the Data Entry program is limited to Tahoma.
  • QDS does not support vertical fonts.
  • With respect to numeric input, QDS only supports the digits 0 – 9.

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