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For support or technical information, please contact:

QDS Support

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QDS Sales
NOVA Research Company
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Questionnaire Library

To submit a *.QDS design specification file, please e-mail the file to QDS™ Technical Support at along with a brief description and your name and contact information.

These files have been developed by other QDS™ customers and are provided here for the convenience of the QDS™ community. Note: these files have been checked to ensure they are what their titles indicate, but NOVA Research Company makes no guarantees as to each file's quality or completeness:

Bitmaps for use with Chinese language questionnaires (是, 否, 男, and 女 buttons in four different modes)

Bitmaps for use with French language questionnaires ("Oui", "Non", "Masculin", and "Féminin" buttons, in four different modes)

Bitmaps for use with Russian language questionnaires ("Да", "Нет", "Мужской", and "Женский" buttons, in four different modes)

Bitmaps for use with Spanish language questionnaires ("Sí", "Hombre", and "Mujer" buttons, in four different mode)

Yes/No Bitmaps for use with Ukrainian language questionnaires ("Так", "Ні", buttons, in four different modes)

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